By Danielle Walsh

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                               This is dedicated to my daughter, Brittany, to my grandmother

                               “Mama” who stumbled across this great sport of Physical  Culture,                                         

                               to my mum, without whom all my successes would not have been

                               achieved and to my dad, who put up with four physie daughters

                               and loved it!

About the Author


I am excited to finally bring a book to you about Physical Culture.  I have been participating in physie all my life.  Even the day I was born it was celebrated that another physie girl had arrived in the world.  I began classes when I was three, in Sydney, before moving to Queensland at age nine and I started teaching physie at eighteen.  I put my heart and soul into teaching for nine years, with short breaks when having my children.  In that time I experienced almost everything that can possibly happen in physie.  I am no longer teaching but am now experiencing being a ?physie mum?.  I wrote this book because I know how important reading is for our children and  I want to give them all an opportunity to read about physical culture, the sport that they participate in and love.

I am now thrilled to announce that I am opening a new club in 2012 and to  be back teaching again at GC Physie and Dance club. I look forward to teaching and bringing physie and dance together, for the future generations of  Physie girls. 





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