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The First Ever Physie Book!

 I am so excited to bring this children's book to you.  The book  is called 'A Physie Story'. I know you will enjoy and learn through reading about the  journey of Kelly's Physie Story. The reader will have the opportunity to get involved in the book by: 

                              -  Helping spot the errors in Kelly's practice.

                           - Sticking in their own physie photos.

                           -  Keeping a record of their physie results.

I created this book for all those who would like to learn more about Physical Culture. We all know reading is one of the best gifts we can give to our children.  Now they can read about the sport they have chosen to participate in and love, and you have the opportunity to sit down with your daughter to read and learn together.

On this website you will be able to preview the book, place your order, and leave your comments all of which I would love to hear!

Here are some testimonials:

I brought this book and gave it to a young girl and now she loves physie and is in a club due to the book thank you Tracy Jira

·Recently purchased your book at Speers Point Inter club.... my 7 yo daughter has devoured it word for word & is practicing so very hard everyday. Thank you for such a positive book:-)

Love your book Danielle!! Thank you for such a well written and honest account of physie.....hope every person who does physie reads this - particularly the young ones (might give a few older ones food for thought also)...Congratulations xo Karen


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Summary of “A Physie Story”

Kelly is following in the footsteps of her families tradition in a sport called Physical Culture. Kelly's story will  take you through the journey of Kelly's physie practice with her teacher, the competition day and learning the life lessons that the results may bring.  

Kelly's journey for the beginning

Spot the error in practice time

Experience Kelly's competition day

What will the results be?


Paperback  $7.95